Boost your ICO with our
Bounty Marketing Platform

Over 30,000 registered users. Automatic daily verification of all entries (signatures/posts/shares/likes, facebook, twitter). Telegram scan bot. Airdrop service. Full bounty management and support for hunters


With BountyPlatform, you can save resources and time. Our system is able to check signatures and messages on the forum, scan posts/shares/likes from social networks (we use official API), check sponsored links on member sites, analyze duplicates and duration of placement of links.

Daily verification of signatures

Automatic verification of user signatures in the forum

Daily verification of messages

Automatically check user messages on the forum

Calculation of remuneration

You can set up a calculation based on the results of the company for the participants

Checking repost records in social networks

Automatic check of reposts in facebook, twitter, vk

Checking advertising materials on websites

Checking links and banners placed on the sites of the participants

Detailed statistics of the company

Daily analysis of indicators for accurate calculations


We can to attract more than 20 000 live users to your Telegram and Twitter through airdrop!
An Airdrop is an efficient way for the founders of new blockchain projects to bootstrap their burgeoning communities by giving away free tokens.


Creating an individual program and rules

Antibot system and protect multi accounts

Real-time report with a list of participants

Contact the manager

Contact us



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